Don´t change yourself…

Don´t change yourself to win someones Heart
Be yourself and be true
You will find someone who love you
for who you are.


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It´s more important…

It´s more important to strive for a Happy life
than a successful life.
Success is measured by others but
our happiness is measuered by our
own soul, mind and heart.


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Maori Time is…

Maori Time is a wonderful Australian trotter, a mare that came to Sweden for the Elitlopp Trot.

However it was difficulties with the start more than once so some horses got disturbed, among them Maori Time who gallopped. Pity. She is still staying in Sweden by a well known trainer.

I think this horse has a great capacity but is sensible and need a trotdriver who also is sensible and can interact/understand her. I think Johnny Takter can be that trotdriver and I have a logistics behind that..maybe take that another time.

I´m looking forward to see Maori Time win a race in the future, she really deserves it so much..
It´s a special horse, I have taken to my Heart, even if I haven´t met her…


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Since a while I have discover a new interest – Trotting
Today two of the best trotters in the world will fight and I wonder who will win?
Propulsion or Readly Express? Propulsion are little more musculus than Readly but on the other hand Readly are born in the same sign as I am, so he has a very strong fighting spirit:-) and never give up. Readly Express will be the winner today if he comes to the head, he will be the leading horse. This will be a very interestnig race. Of course not all is lying on the horses, how is the form of the trot drivers? Quality of the track? Both of them are wonderful, very Beautiful horses.


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I really like…

Beautiful thoughts…is good. I really like your words:-)


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Today I felt…

Today I felt to be kind to myself so I bought me a book. It´s called Brainpower (sv.Hjärnstark) and is written by a Swedish specialist doctor, consultant in Psychiatry, Anders Hansen.
I have just red a little yet but I can say he writes very intresting and easy to understand.
I will go into my brain and have a very nice evening:-)


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I feel so…

I feel so happy
and I will be even
more happy
when we meet
My Love

You touch My Heart
You uplift My Dreams
and our Love
will become Real, Yes…


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