Grand Prix de Norrbotten, Sweden, Midnight Trotting (might see the midnight sun) is this evening with start 20.30 in Boden. It´s the last race in V75, no 7. It will be very exciting!

Propulsion has won this race last 3 years.
Readly Express ins´t racing in trot any more (or for a long while) because he is into horse-breeding now.

Will Makethemark take his place as a star and win Grand Prix de Norrbotten this evening? One important thing I noticed is that Makethemark was born 18 March (sign:pisces) and Readly 15 March (sign:pisces).

Propulsion is a fantastic horse but now when Readly isn´t racing maybe Makethemark will be my new favourite?
Will Propulsion win in Boden for the fourth time? or will Makethemark or maybe Millondollarrhyme win this year?
I have a strong feeling a Star is coming:-)…And the winner is?


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I can…

I can understand you. Hope you are feeling
better now? If you need to talk, whenever,
you know where to reach me.

Sometimes we have dark thoughts,
we go into darkness but we don´t
have to stay there, don´t need to
analyse to much. Sometimes we have
lovely, beautiful thoughts,
open our hearts, feel Love.

Life contents so many different feelings,
it´s important to keep the balance?
Then we approaches harmony in Life
and everything become so much easier?


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My Love…

My Love

The first time we met I directly
got a deep feeling inside;
this is so right

Know that you are locked
in my Heart and etched
in my soul
You are always here with me
in my thoughts

I believed that with you
I could fullfill
my dreams

Everything in life has a purpose
There are no mistakes, no coincidences
All events are blessings
given to us to learn and grow from

When you touched my soul
it was like walking on
holy ground
Suddenly wonderful memories
poped up

Let me know what´s on your mind
Let me be your loving Angel
from the morning and through
the night


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Always in My Heart…

Elitloppet yesterday. It became a french big bang as I had a feeling of.It was the very fine horse Dijon with trotdriver Romain Derieux who became the Winner of Elitloppet 2019! Congratulations! That horse was nr 2 after Readly in Gran Criterium de Vitesse in Nice, France March 10.

Readly Express won the primary heat (1) easily. The sad thing (couldn´t stop my tears when I saw him) was that when it was time for Elitloppets final heat he first made a test start (as horses usually do) the trotdriver saw that Readly Express had became lame on his left frontleg so he and the veterinary decided that Readly should not start in the final race. Readlys left fronthoof is white and he had got a crack in that hoof, therefor he was lame in his left frontleg. So without any doubt, it was absolutely the right decision to not let him run!

I hope and I think Readly is rather fine now.
Readly Express is a horse who Always will have a special place in my Heart! Beautiful, wise, kind, mischievous, focused to 100% on the racecourse, a horse with a special energy and special eyes.

LOVE ***************** Readly Express *****************LOVE


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Today is the final of Elitloppet at Solvalla, Stockholm,Sweden.
Readly Express and Propulsion will meet then, who will be the Winner? One of them? or will it be a french big bang?
I have a feeling but of course I hold on to my favourite, Readly Express. It´s rainy today so the track will be a bit difficult.
It sure will be an exciting race, 1609 m 🙂


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From My Heart…

What can I say? Wow!
Fantastic songs, all of them!
Your voice is amazing and the sound…Love it!
I can see you have a lot of followers and I´m happy for you,
the confirmation you get because I know how much that
and the music means to you. And who knows, you might even
find your true Love out there 🙂

*******************With Love***Elaine***********************

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And he did it…

And he did it again! Yesterday it was a grand race in Finland, the finnish Ajo and Readly Express was the Winner. This Amazing, most Beautiful horse, he really likes to run and to be first 🙂 The track was difficult and muddy, not what he likes best, but still he made it, fantastic!


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