When you show…

When you show someone appreciation for something from your Heart and that person don´t care about receiving it, it hurts. Happened to me. However I think I will be more restrictive in the future to whom I show appreciation. And maybe it´s time for me to get appreciated instead?! However those hurt feelings has gone, I choosed to drop them quickly, to let them go.

About getting hurt, more deeply, I red some words, don´t remember where:

“Sometimes the things that hurts you the most
will teach you the greatest lesson in Life”



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3 Responses to When you show…

  1. They certainly do Elaine, they ask us to look within and find the reason for that pain. And in understanding it, it loses its power…and we are free ❤
    And the very person who caused us the pain, is actually receiving the same pain, but probably for a very different reason.
    It is always a two way street. And underneath it all, our spirit within is guiding each of us to face these things so that we can discover the unconditional love within us all…and then we will truly be free 😀

    • Thank´s for your words Mark:-) You always put them in a way that are relevant for me..and sometimes I learn;-)
      Hope you will have a wonderful coming weekend! Wish you all the best!

      • Thank you kind lady. And we all take time to absorb our lessons or they wouldn’t have the impact and learning that they do 😀
        A walk somewhere nice in the sunshine is always uplifting, and great for a bit of time off for good behavior 😀

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