So Close…

So close to each other we were you and I
two bodies as made for each other
In the silence no words was needed
that explained,
we shared the same wonderful feeling
just you and me.

Saw myself in your eyes, deeply sparkling
of happiness, love, appitence and longing.
Tasting each other with kisses so Lovely
and hands softly caressing the skin
Two souls that met again
so wonderful was the moment
without limit, warm and unconditionally
entinely without level headness.

In the silence there was no words,
no time, no room. We just were in the moment,
so close to each other you and I
Two souls who had been missing and longing
gave of each other all that Beautiful
that is in true Love
between woman and man.



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2 Responses to So Close…

  1. Ah, an english version…and sounding even sweeter than the last 😀

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