Who is he?…


He who cares about me and how I feel?
He who are the one I can trust?
He who accept me for who I am?
He who like to communicate with me in every way?
He who wants to see me happy?
He who Love closness with me?
He who stays by my side?
He who I can travel with?
He who I can do crazy and fun things with?
He who I can tell secrets?
He who I can learn from as he can learn from me?
He who Love me even when I do mistakes?
He who understand to nuture my Heart?
He who shows me I´m the only one for him?
He who Love to make Love with me?
He who wants to wake up with me in the mornings?
He who Love kisses with me?
He who is true with his feelings and Love me for real?



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