Sunlight in my Heart…

Lila hjärta

I have been lonely for so long, waited for my Love to come,
trying to be strong
It has been very stormy weather
but now I have Sunlight in my Heart
and I am ready for a new start…

Take my hand and never
let our Love go
Let our Love be true
and stay in our Hearts

Let us come close together
get lost in each others eyes
let us care about each other
show the needs that we have
and seal it with a Kiss

When you say you Love me
I will answer and show you
how much I truly Love you
Love can get lost but
be found again in another way
the way that is right

Our Love will take us to Heaven
and back again many times
We will always remain
true with each other
and our Love will be worth
as much as all the Stars on Heaven.



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2 Responses to Sunlight in my Heart…

  1. Beautifully written Elaine, and thank you for sharing the light of your heart 🙂

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