The sky is…

Florida beach

The sky is clear…and I´m Happy

I´ve been thinking and feeling. My mind told me the Love was false but then My Heart told me the Love was true..True, Beautiful and passionated. I dreamed about a life/future together, on the other hand when I´m thinking little deeper how should it have been for me? There is a meaning with things that happens so I guess things are exactly as they should right now…

So much has happened…and I just Love when the sun shine on me! 🙂



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3 Responses to The sky is…

  1. Yes Elaine, it does ALL teach much. We only ever attract exactly what we need, to see our truth within, learn and become a more loving and beautiful soul.
    Yes, it can be painful, but it is because of that pain that we appreciate it all the more, understand it, and then really appreciate the loving bits all the more when they arrive.
    They all teach us…to love ourselves, so we can then give that love out to others 🙂

    • Hi Mark! Hope everything is fine with you…Yes, Universes law of attraction really works…
      When we came through the pain we can see it from another side and understand more why things happen and hopefully learn something out of that:-)
      an experience that can be useful for us later on in Life…Life gives us so much to be grateful for but we don´t always see that and appreciate it…/ Elaine

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