I Dreamed…

Angel pray

I dreamed for the most Beautiful between us but I have to laugh at myself being so naive…



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4 Responses to I Dreamed…

  1. That isn’t naivety, it is having hope for the future, having the ability to dream.
    The only drawback is when we have expectations within it, of ourselves or others.
    But our dreams are our ability to love ourselves, wishing for what we do want in our lives.
    Believe in that.

  2. I´m so glad you explain things little deeper for me, Mark. How many Lifes have you been living? :-)you are a very wise soul.
    OK, I believe in that.

    • Good girl. Inside that heart IS the wisest and most beautiful soul in the world. Trust it, it will only ever show you self love.
      Yes, many bumps, but they are their so you will appreciate beauty when it does arrive in your life….and more to the point….in appreciating you.
      It is all about you loving yourself and removing any fears and hurts and low self worth from childhood. And it is a DELIBERATE journey so that you CAN do this, understand them, and be free. And in that freedom is unconditional love, because you no longer have those fears that block much in our lives. You cannot know and understand unconditional love until you know conditional love. Expectations of yourself and others are there for a purpose. It allows you to ‘see’ that truth within you.
      Believe in you Elaine, that is the path.

  3. Thank you Mark for your wise words, I think of them and take them to my Heart. You always give me something to think of 🙂

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