Have you…

Tänkvärda ord

Have you been taking drugs or too much alcoholic or what???
You write like dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!

Your words from yesterday evening was so wonderful to read. Came home from work, thinking of you with Love and red your Beautiful Words, was going to write something really nice to you but then I red your Words from today (4/1) and all I can say is;
I wish you find Love! — I don´t deserve such words and you know that!



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4 Responses to Have you…

  1. Your quote from God is spot on Elaine, very true…and exactly what we need even though a sometimes painful journey.
    It is in understanding ourselves that brings that love and acceptance of ourselves, ans in doing so we release those things that upset us and hold us back. Namaste

  2. I have been out for a long, long walk with a friend today..Snow, sun shining, snowcrystals glittering, so Beautiful and Lovely day…..and home, yes I saw the roses for my inner sight and could also smell their Beautiful scent, some roses are even better than the finest perfume during deep breeeathe 🙂 and Another nice thing happen during my way home, could be a sign of something good to come;-)
    All the best to you

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