With honesty…


I guess that was meant for me. Very Beautiful but also made me sad. Don´t lay the quilt on me, it takes two for a tango so I think we have to share it, both of us. However you took the decision of separation and I was so hurted and my Heart was broken (my responsibility for my feelings and heart)…About the silence…I´ve always been the one to take the first step to make things all right but couldn´t this time…and I hope you understand why?

Waited so to hear from you but not one word…I wonder if you had understood how much it had meant and that it could opened the communication between us..if you had sent me just one little word then?

Have I been in your thoughts? You have been in my every day, that´s the true but I can´t wait and wait for you to take the first step anymore. I expect nothing. However I can´t deny that I should be gladly suprised to hear one word or two from you soon?



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