Reflection about Love…

Heart ice and fire



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3 Responses to Reflection about Love…

  1. It always will Elaine. Yes, it can be very hard to go through, but in the end we see….ourselves. Empathise within and realise it is in loving ourselves that we understand our pain…and let it go 🙂

    • Guess you red my words here which I then deleted because I discovered when I had wrote them that I already had let it go, it was in the passed, no meaning to hang on to that anymore. Today I feel very good, in a fine harmony within myself. Life gives me much and the sun was shining on me today too ! 🙂 I Love myself and allow myself to see that I have Beauty both inside and outside, even if I´m afar from perfect 🙂 but I´m working on it:-)

      You where always there, when I needed someone, with your wise and caring words and that ment much to me and I want you to know that it sure helped me on the way! Thank´s for that, Mark! When it´s stormy, you are the best friend one can have!

      • Thank you kind lady. For me personally, it was when I finally realised that I WAS PERFECT exactly as I am….warts and all. It is in understanding that the only thing that is out of balance is those fears that we hold inside. And by understanding why we have them in place, allows us to release them and be free…totally free.
        They may be hard to look through but that is why they have great meaning to us. If it was easy we would let go and forget about them in an instant….but because they are so hard and leave that great understanding when we realise why they are there, they allow us to see the pain of that journey, and then feel that we are worth so much more than this hurt and pain, and love ourselves more because of that. That is the journey.
        To find our own hearts. That is why it is so hard, so that we do create empathy and compassion, to ourselves, and others. That is what builds the love in this world.
        You are understanding and journeying well Elaine….love all of you…within you is the most beautiful creature in the world…love her because it will free you from those hurts and allow a peace in your heart like no other. Be proud of what you have achieved, they are big lessons, but all done with a great love 🙂

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