The conflict…

Big Idea - Goal

The conflict in Syria is complicated. It´s not only one war there, it´s many differet Groups fighting against each other. The Syrian military forces – opposite/rebelle Groups, terrorgroup IS, PYD (curdes), terrorgroup Jabat al-Nusra (part of al-Qaida and some more.

The biggest threath seems to be the terrorgroup IS which controll rather big parts of Syria, among other tings boarder to Irak, where they also have taken areas ( of cours oil is intresting here). IS is fighting against both rebells and Syrian regim. They want to create an Islamic state – a kalifat – where both Syria and Irak is in. After that they want to expand as much as they can, land after land.
Many of the members in IS has been militarys/soldiers in Saddam Husseins army. IS has also taken houndreds of criminals out of a prison and probably most of them has became members of IS.

So how to end the War in Syria, to find a solution for Peace isn´t easy? But nothing is impossible!?
Maybe open up Alcatraz again as a common worldprison? IS are probably not willing to negotiate about Peace but should they get the question?

Syrias president Bashar al-Assad has in an interview in Russia media said that he is willing to resign if the people want that. I assume that a president keep his Word if that should became an actual situation.

We have one World, many different countries and people, cultures but we must learn to live together on this Earth and do our best for Peace and help each other. Threat others as You want to be threaten.

****************************With Love Elaine*****************************************


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