IS is now…

The terrorgroup IS is now more active in Afghanistan, they are now active in about 24 of 35 provinces in Afghanistan…Why?



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2 Responses to IS is now…

  1. They believe in their journey…it is not until they realise their truth that they will change. We cannot force it, they must understand their journey. And in doing this, we also ‘see’ what direction we do not want to go in. They help both of us.
    Forced anything always builds fear. Anything built on fear always leaves us unsettled, emotional and never happy. They have to understand this or their journey will continue on in that direction.
    This is a very big cycle so that we see the pain of this ongoing situations in the Middle East of how they have been living AND the mistakes that have been made by the West. All that has been done never achieves anything but more pain and anger. No one likes to be told how they should live…us included. But in saying that, we cannot force ‘our’ way on others either.
    Until all realise that anything that is not built on a love for themselves (individually, let alone another), there will be more to learn in finding that love.

    • I fully understand that they believe in their journey…but I also think some already has begin the change…

      I think every country/organisations should do their own business/decisions…
      However when several hundred thousands civil people has been killed/murdered/raped during the last years (situation in Syria) and several millions people has escaped from their homecountry it´s a catastrophe of humanity! When such crimes against human rights and warcrimes has been done I think it is in a most important way a question for FN:s Security Council!

      And Yes, I know, it isn´t easy but: Love is the only way…


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