Every Top leader in the World…

Big Idea - Goal

I think every Top Leader in the World has to co-operate and act NOW to find a solution to the civil war and terror in Syria! The World need many World Heroes right NOW!

Syria has about 22 millions inhabitants. 2011 started a civil war in Syria with aeroplane bombs against civil people, poison gas, executions – Bashar al-Assads regime /the opposition/rebells.
Then ISIS (now IS) came and took a big part of the country and proclaimed it as a terrorregime. In those of IS taken areas civil people has been killed, has been rapes on women and Young Girls who also has been forced to be sexslaves.

Therefore 4 million people already has escaped from Syria, mostly of them to their neighbour countries, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Now we can see several hundred thousands trying to get to Europé. Most of them are welleducated people who had payed a lot of Money to been able to travel in a boat over the Mediterrian Sea to come to European countries. They escape from civil war and terror with risk for their Lifes and if I remember right it´s about 2.500 people AND MANY OF THEM CHILDREN who has DIED on the Mediterrrian Sea.

In Syria about 222.000 people has been killed in the Syrian conflict. 4 million escaped and people continue to escape every day!

World leaders of all countries, FN, has to co-operate and take action NOW!
There is a solution ……….Find it together!



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