Refugee catastrophe – emergency situation…

Sun after storm

How many more Children, Women and Men must die?

To the European leaders!

It´s time for a decision and to act NOW!
EU = Europe is a union. As a member in EU every european country must stand United and take their responsibility for humanity and help the people who escape from their homecountry according to civil war and terrorism! mostly in Syria (some in Irak and Afganistan).

It´s a very traumatic situation, especially for the Children! What future will they have if this continue??

To help the migrants is only (but necessary) a temporary solution. The main problem must be solved soon (will write about that later) and that is the root/reason which is the civil war and terrorism in Syria.
(and here top leader in the World and FN must be involved).

During the time every european country must co-operate and take their responsibility for humanity!
Every border must be open but of course will there be controll by police and social stuff.
The decision must be taken NOW! If any/some country/countries refuse to open their borders and take responsibility they must for example immediately pay an financial penalty to the sector of finances in EU and it should of course be very high! (those Money should then go to the countries who help the migrants.

The Presidency of EU has to take a decision NOW and send it out in a document to every leader in the European contries to follow as an order! / Elaine



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