I don´t know…

I don´t know what to say…
I don´t understand..guess I´m stupid…
but I do understand real Love and
I do understand NO…



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3 Responses to I don´t know…

  1. Not stupid, just being asked to look within…and it isn’t easy as it is where our fears are.
    God, with all the love in the universe just wants you to release those things that are holding you back. Back from that unconditional love within, and this is the journey to find that place. These journeys are never easy but they have to be so that we, in the end, will appreciate all that we have gone through to reach that destination.
    If you are just given something, you just say thank you and then never give it another thought, but if you have to go through tough trials, you will always remember what it took to reach these goals. And because of that, appreciate what you went through but more than that, the heart that this journey has now created BECAUSE of that journey.
    It is all done with great love. It doesn’t seem like it at the time, but in the end you will see just what has come through into the light. Mark

    • I have loved unconditionally and I think it would be wonderful to feel that unconditionally love from a man but do I need that, no I don´t think so today…but I think I´m Worth it:-) I know I have to realese some things and I have begin today…I thought my fears where gone but I had a “flashback” and had to go through some feelings I wasn´t ready with…
      Love to myself and Divine Love is most important to me now…
      However I look at Life from the bright side now 🙂

      • Just be gentle with yourself as you deal with all the feelings that always comes up for each of us as we make our way through these events.
        The best thing is go back to basics…good food and sleep. If we keep ourselves looked after then we can deal so much better with things in life. These events are hard, but they are like that so that we will appreciate so much more what we have gone through to find that beauty within….self love.
        Once found we understand where we have come from to find ourselves truly, finally love exactly who we are within, and then give from that new place.
        Take your time and find you. You are much more beautiful inside than you will ever know…truly 🙂

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