No fairy tale…

Indian wolf

This night I woke up to your lovely voice, to your song you sent me long time ago, have it on my cellphone. I Heard your Words; So let this song be our and let my Love be yours forever…So let´s belong to each other, so let our trust be in each other…

Why and who started the song in the middle of the night when I was sleeping? I got up for 5 min and then back to bed…I felt like your energy so close for a short while, almost like you where beside me…I felt calm and happy and fall asleep again while thinking about if we had got time together and done that journey together…why did all those loving thoughts come into my mind again?



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2 Responses to No fairy tale…

  1. To feel them and understand where you are NOW at in your life. We constantly change as we go through those many things in life and they are to show us we are strong and we can go through those times that are hard….as well as remember the beauty that they were made of originally and know that we can reach those places again because we have understood them.
    I usually have spirit come to me during the night while the ego is asleep and we are the nearest to hear messages. Maybe you are being shown something. Take into account what you saw AND what you were feeling during the ‘dream’ and see if it has any meaning within your life at the moment.
    At the least it brings memories of a beautiful time 🙂 Mark

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