Thoughts today…


I like to take a glass of wine, mostly to dinner sometimes but I could also be without it.
I wonder how the world should have been if we didn´t have any drugs/narcotic and alcohol at all? Probably more honestly, more of true emotions, more caring/loving world and many relationships shouldn´t breake down I guess…
Why? People who abuses drugs/alcohol become emotionally jaded (they will deny it, don´t see that themselfes), become more irritated, show anger for small things, can feel attacked of something you say (your words and intention was not that). This is of course depending on the effect drugs/alcohol has on the brain, in a way you can compare it with some symptoms of demense diseasis.
They are not in contact with their real feelings. Some became addicted to analgesic/narcotic preparation on prescription from a doctor and then need more and stronger things. As in all professions there are even doctors that are not so serious…in fact some shouldn´t work as doctors at all…

Many who abuse come into dangerous ways by wrong “friends”, who just drag them deeper down.
A true friend never want or help you to abuse narcotic/alcohol?! But the decision to stop destroying their life must always be taken by the one who abuse. When you abuse you can reduce the pain, get rid of it for a while but you can´t run away from yourself and one day you have to deal with your real emotions and when you open your heart and come in contact with your true self (your higher self) you might be surprised about the Love you will find!? and you understand what life is about and that drugs/alcohol just take you into a “false world”. I really wish you the best from my Heart.

*****************With Love******************************


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  1. And well written Elaine. Straight from the heart. Mark

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