Near Heaven…

Jungfru Maria

I´m sick and home today..I have got high fever, headache, cough and some pain when I breath, coughed up blood few times but I hope and think that was just a bloodvessel that was bursted..pneumoniae maybe, I will see…

This is the time when it´s good to be in a relation, to have someone who cares and give some nice words so you are feeling better…can´t do so much but I`m thinking even more about many different things..both bad and good things…

If my writing is unusual in any way it might depend on the high fever, i haven´t taken any pills yet, I am and have always been very careful with that…maybe I wright more about that stuff later on…



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3 Responses to Near Heaven…

  1. Go to the doctor Elaine. There is no condition that coughs up blood that is not serious. A chest infection may do that, but it means your system isn’t strong enough and it’s probably turning into pneumonia and that isn’t good. It only takes a simple course of antibiotics to fix the infection, but if you let it go it can get very serious, very quickly. So please, if it has reached this point, it has already got nasty, don’t delay. Mark

    • Thank´s for caring my friend, it warmth my heart:-) But you know what..Yesterday
      I focused and thought; I want to get healthy fast, I am healthy and asked archangel Raphael (healing angel) to be with me and help me! and something happened with the energy..and until today the fever has gone down very fast to just a little, had no more blood coughs and the headache disappeared..from so high fever and feeling so sick yesterday and today I feel fine:-) I´m so grateful and tomorrow I think I will take some fresh air outside..
      Of course if something should change in my status in a day or two, fever going up again, I will take your advice.
      Thank´s / Elaine

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