I have taken…

Ros o hjärta

I have taken a decision. I will not go into a destructive relation again. I deserve so much better. Someone who really cares about me. Someone that is honest and truthfully Love me as I will Love him and we will live the best and the rest of life together with closness and open Hearts toward each other. One day that True Love will step into my life…
Until then I live my life to the fullest and I have a creative and rich inner life…I feel fine and in harmony with myself now and I see the beauty in every day and the sun will shine more and more:-)

**************** Wish you Love **************************


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2 Responses to I have taken…

  1. Just believe in the love within Elaine, it will stand the test of time, and always be there for you. Then give from there…and you will then attract accordingly 🙂

  2. Wise words..I believe in the love I carry in my Heart and I will believe in myself:-)

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