Happy Easter!…


May the Angels protect you
May the fear and sadness disappear
May you feel goodness surrounding you
May you feel safe and loved
May Archangel Michael be with you

I pray for the people around the world that are in need, people in Jemen, especially so many children that can get trauma/psycich trauma for the rest of their lifes. The International Red Creuz can´t come through there with equipment and medical things to about 1.000 people. I wish with my heart the solution will come soon.

The Leaders in the world have to work together now for the humanity, for the childrens future in the world and UN/FN has to work very, very fast to stop human chaos now!

I hope every big leader open up their eyes, understand that they must reach out and work together and act now! Ask yourself what world would you leave to your daughter or son to live in when you die?

I pray for those who suffer from the massacre in Kenya, think of the innocent victims who was brutally killed…

This evening I light my candles and pray from my Heart…



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2 Responses to Happy Easter!…

  1. Beautifully spoken Elaine. And I’ll add my wishes and blessings to the world as well. Mark

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