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Have begin to read a book by Robert Holden, newrealesed, called Loveability ( Älskbarhet on swedish). I have only red a few pages, then I got curios and red little in every chapter and it got more and more intresting, it feels like this is a book I will take to my Heart!
Älskbarhet: Förmågan att älska och bli älskad.
Loveability: The ability to Love and be loved.

Written about it:
This book will deepen your experience of what True Love is and inspire you to make your relationships happier, more enjoyable, more loving, kinder. You will laugh, you will think, you will be fascinated. There are many words of wisdom and some poetry also.

“”Kärlek är en inre resa hem. Man börjar där man är, precis där man befinner sig. Målet med resan är inte att hitta kärlek, det är att lära känna kärleken. Kunskapen om kärleken finns redan inom dig och jag kallar den Älskbarhet”. Robert Holden.

” Love is an inner journey home. You start where you are, exactly where you are now. The goal with the journey isn´t to find Love, it is to learn to know Love. The knowledge about Love is already excisting inside you and I call it Loveability”. Robert Holden.

” To be able to Love easily is it necessary to know how you show Love”.
Fjodor Dostojevski.

************With Love***Elaine***************************


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2 Responses to Älskbarhet…

  1. It is the ability to be loving to yourself. Then because you are in a beautiful place within, you naturally give that energy out. And attract accordingly. Mark

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