A strong and beautiful Love with trust…


Too late…



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3 Responses to A strong and beautiful Love with trust…

  1. Never too late my friend. Each time you feel let down or hurt, you become closer and closer to that trust within.
    That wisdom shows that eventually it is in trusting yourself, and realising that those that hurt you, only do so out of their own fears within.
    It is not you, but their fears that guide them. And each time as you go through another hurt, you learn to understand this, so you no longer judge another as you realise you, and everyone else, go through our own fears to find that love of self within.
    Never a gentle journey, but with much love and understanding in the end…and the beauty of that unconditional love for us all.
    Have faith my friend, because when you find it you will open like a flower. Mark

    • Thank´s Mark! Your words is now lying as balsam around my soul…I´m happy to have you:-) my dear friend, you explain things in such a good way! Now I say; Away with fear and in with faith;-), that trust within myself I had began to feel..

      I´ve been on a long, hard but intresting inner journey for many years, especially the last 1½ year Haven´t been so social with people (except my children, coming closer to them in fact), just working, taking long walks, biking in nature and thinking, reading, thinking,listen to music, watching films, needed to be alone and last time I have felt much peace and harmony in myself but I got a short “flashback” yesterday, as I see it.

      And when I came home from work this evening, I took it as a sign to me, I had a book in my mailbox and the title, both in english and swedish talked to my heart, that is exactly the right book for me to read now, so I will begin to read some pages soon..Think I will write about it tomorrow or next day.It might even be of interest for you:-)
      Wish you all the best and a wonderful day! Take care

      • And for you too Elaine. These are big times at the moment, there are large emotional cycles we are going through and they can get a bit testing, to say the least.
        Just be gentle with yourself as you take in the many changes, you will gradually find your balance and reach a place of understanding.
        The difficult part is we seem to feel we have no control with what is happening, but we do in each and every action we take for they are to gain that balance. Sometimes the odd mistake, but that has great purpose too, to show you what doesn’t suit and allow you to appreciate so much more the good stuff BECAUSE of those mistakes.
        Enjoy your book, rest, and heal because that is loving yourself. From there you will give from a more beautiful place.
        Take care. Mark

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