Je suis…


Je suis! Je suis Liberte! Je suis Amour!
I am! I am freedom! I am Love!

I condemn the barbarous attack that happened in Paris.
Today leaders and people around the world stay even more united and stronger against the fanatic terrosim. It has to be crushed!

The barbarous, unhuman monsters who think Allah want them to use violence and kill innocent people have not intelligence enough to understand what they really are doing..In fact they themselfes are dishonor/desecrate the name of Allah! Do they really think they will come to Paradise that way? The only way to get there is by Love! I really hope some of them will wake up and turn around. Violence and weapon destroy the world and Love and understanding make it grow and develope…

What pitiful, cowardly men use strong weapon against a pen? If they wanted to fight then they should have done it right, in a penfencing…

What kind of men are using violence and weapon against innocent children and women??

Every human being on this Earth has the right to speak freely, to express his opinion. But no one has the right to take another humans life! I´m so sorry about all those who was killed in Paris…

The word is free and it will forever be, in eternity!



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