World Hero…

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Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov a rather unknown? World Hero to me, 30 Jan 1926 – 19 Aug 1998. He was a Soviet navy officer. During the Cuban missile crisis he prevented the launch of a nuclear torpedo and thereby prevented a nuclear war.

27 oct 1962 Soviet nuclear armed submarine B-59 was in the Carribean near Cuba. Captain of submarine was Valentin Savitsky, political officer Ivan Masslenikov and the officer second in command, Vasili Arkhipov.

When USA dropped warning grenades into the sea the Soviet submarines thought they where under attack. Captain Savitsky wanted and prepared for to launch a nuclear torpedo. For that both Masslenikov and Arkhipov had to agree. Argument broke out among the three but Arkhipov remained calm and refused to launch B-59:s nuclear torpedo.

Thank´s Vasili Arkhipov for staying strong in your decision and put in your veto in that situation!
You are a True Hero of the world, an highly intelligent man who probably saved the world…Thank You with all my respect!



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