Submarine in Stockholms Archipelago 2014…

Thinking about the year that have passed…

Friday 17th of October there where news about suspect foreign underwater activity grounded on observation at Kanholmsfjärden at am. Later at pm report came from Nämndöfjärden, 19th October an observation at Jungfrufjärden,this are places in Stockholms Archipelago.

Directly when I heard that, the first day I just knew, I saw it for my inner vision. No doubt. It was a submarine but not the kind like U-137 (S-363), it was not that grey colour, it mainly had another colour and it was much smaller (estimate it to 8-10 m). Guess that´s what you called a minisubmarine. It had some kind of new hi-tech. First I saw two persons inside, then it disappeared from my inner sight. I knew from the first day it was a submarine, no doubt at all.

The armed forces of Sweden ended the operation 24th October. Of course they had to analyze their material and 14th of November they had secure evidence that a “foreign submarin” had aggrieved swedish territorium.

My conclusion is that;
Marine special formation under operative control of foreign arms Intelligence service collect information but at the same time we also got information and experience.

At any point, it was an unacceptable aggreving of swedish territorium!



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