Twin souls…

Twin souls röd o blå

Yesterday I was looking in my old note pads,wrote this:
Twin souls

Do twin souls have an identical structure of energy?
If so they can feel when one of them is thinking of the other one, this goes both ways.

Anima and Animus
is both hostile and loving.
Through attraction they find their other half and through enlightment they meet their destiny. When the ego has gone away and the fear has been taken away can the two unite and become one.

It´s an incredible power that creates between twinsouls – with both good and bad. Your weakness is her/his strenght and the contrary.You are reflecting each other until you have erased each others fears. Twinsouls that haven´t throw away their fears is the whole time looking at their own fears personified in the other part, therefor everything became twice as strong, love, feelings, sadness, pain, anger aso and they almost want to run away from her/him.

Fortunately is often one of them more aware of this and have to take a responsibility for the relationship. The problem is to get the other part to listen and that doesn´t usually goes with usual things like mail, phone, talk. No, here it´s about the mentally part, to work on the fears and create trust. Not always easy, a big test of the person which will demand all her/his love and patience.

People who meet their twinsoul has came rather far in their development. When you meet your twinsoul you meet yourself to 100%, in fact you meet yourself without “mask”, where every characteristic has became double.

Love between twinsouls can´t die and it isn´t limitid to time and room. The connection between them will continue to get stronger despite of quarell, separations. Those are only temporary conditions to reach harmony.

… He is charming and break hearts on conveyer belt.
She is the beauty that can get men to tremble. This two souls meet and sweatest music of Love can be heard.
But later on he imagine he is in love with another woman. Then she put down her whole soul to prove her Love to him that doesn´t understand what it´s all about, instead he search happiness with the other woman.

When he at last realized who he really loves she has had enough of tears and pain and can´t believe that he really loves her, so she run away from him…
There will be a meeting again,the question is when?

To Learn, to Love, to Live, to Heal the Heart



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