ljus o strärnor färger

This is a description of how I feel inside right now ***



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5 Responses to Description…

  1. Hey, that’s beautiful….I’ll have one of those thanks 🙂

    • Haha.., sorry to disappoint you Mark:-)
      It´s all about Dopamin on a natural way. Dopamin is a signalsubstance in the brain, in the central nervsystem (CNS). Easily explained: When dopamin flow out from nervfibers in the brain and stimulate special receptors on other nervcells then you feel good and enjoy life!
      Ex when this happen is when we solved a difficult thing on work, when we have good relations, when we give feel/are in love, take care of our children – then dopamin is involved, it gives us happiness and satisfaction.
      Yesterday, after working 2 hours overtime I came home and cleaned my house. I red something nice on the computer. I had a nice talk with my daughters. Then I hanged up the electric stars in the windows and put out the electric 1:st Advent candelabres..turned them on and took a cup of coffee with a small Kahlua coffeeliqueur..wathced my windows and took in the beautiful shining light…just felt so harmonic and happy inside then:-)

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