Tears sorry broken heart



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  1. That pain is because you do see with your heart. You are strong enough to step through your fears. Many, many others are too fearful and stay stuck in those fears. Your journey sets you free Elaine, be very proud of that as it will finally brings you the love and peace that you seek. Namaste

    • Yesterday… Yes, I had to go through that pain, hurt feelings came, I didn´t want to cry but I did (don´t do that so often)the tears just came down like a torrents..but afterwards I felt like have going through a purification…and begin to see lighter on things:-)

      • Crying is good, it releases those pent up emotions that churn our hearts within. You will know this because each time you cry you feel better because you have cried. As you say, it IS a purification and you feel tired, but much better within 🙂 Holding on to our emotions just keeps building our anxiety within. Namaste

    • Yes, I see and feel with my heart, to much sometimes…It isn´t easy to meet the fears but to confront them is the only way to get rid of the fears I think and without that fears and when follow our heart and truth we are more able to be happy…
      I believe in ” Omnia vincint Amor” ( Love overcome everything )even if it will take time and if it´s true of course…

      • It is very true my friend. But the part that most people don’t understand is…it is in loving ourselves, accepting ourselves, warts and all, that achieves this goal. And yes, it is achieved by going through our fears because it is those fears that hold the walls up and block us from loving ourselves.
        And they have purpose, because as you go through a fear, which can be quite scary, in releasing it you set yourself free, you no longer walk around on guard for that fear any more. You begin to live from a place within that no longer has you on edge, afraid of that fear coming around the corner to confront you. You become so relaxed and finally see all around you.
        So much that we blindly walk past every day because we are so worried over other things. And when we go through that fear, release it, we are removing that thing that has kept us bound so that now we are open. We have gone through such a trial that now our thinking is one of…I no longer wish to live my life like that any more, I don’t wish to live in pain and fear so I now remove those parts of my life that no longer have true meaning to me.
        And in doing those very things…you are loving yourself. You have broken down that wall of ‘duality’ and you now begin to become ‘one’. You are beginning to love yourself, for the first time truly, as there is no longer that wall. And when this is done everything in your life begins to change. You begin to see things very differently. Things that no longer have meaning are released, and other things that you originally thought had no purpose are now important.
        And most of all, the things that are artificial like money, cars, homes are no longer a draw for you. Yes, you need money or you have no food. But more importantly are the relationships you have with others, whether they are just friends or loved ones.
        So Elaine, love does conquer all, but it is the love we give ourselves that is true love. For when you do give that love to that beautiful soul that lives within us all, it makes you very happy and content within, so then you give to others FROM that place within. People see you smiling and happy and are naturally attracted to you. All from removing those walls that we all have within.
        And please, don’t try to remove them all at once 🙂 Besides going crazy trying to do that, it all has a natural purpose and you will see that as you go through each fear. Those fears could lead you one day to change direction to avoid it, or do something else because you were afraid…and you’ll run into the love of your life. Our lives have great purpose, to find that unconditional love within, but it is in living through all of these events that really guide us to that love within.
        You now have an understanding of your journey. Yes, it has many hard bits, but it also has much, much love to guide your heart on its many ventures. Know that, and it will make the journey so much easier because you know it is all done so that you can find that true heart within.
        Take care Elaine, enjoy the journey, smile at the ticket man on the train, pick a flower and smell its perfume, pat the puppy on the road and just greet each new day as a blessing. For in truth our journey down here is really not that long in the scheme of things and their is so many things to touch and enjoy from the love that they create. Namaste

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