hjärta rött o nyckel

Some secrets are good to have, some are better to be released?…



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4 Responses to Secret…

  1. How would you feel about that secret Elaine…would you rather someone loved you enough to tell you so you could deal with it, and you would trust them even more because even though it may not have been nice, they loved you enough to tell you.
    Or if it is a nice secret, then it is a secret for its surprise value.
    In all cases you must use your integrity. And even that truth can have that person you tell not react to it very well and even rebuke you for being the messenger. And sometimes react very badly by not wanting to have anything to do with you. But it always comes back to the love that it was given with. Do it with that love and integrity in mind. They may not like it but even they will see its truth and can then deal with it.
    Not saying anything is not doing you or them any favours.
    I’ll make one exception to all of the above. Sometimes someone is not in a good place and their handling capacity for some information is not very good so I will wait until I feel they are able to digest what I have to say. It is a timing thing ruled by your integrity. But still always given with love. Namaste

    • Thank´s Mark for taking time to write your wise words here, they came as a sign from above…
      However I have already followed impulses of lovefeelings coming from my heart, just had to wrote them, at that moment, couldn´t stop them. My heart was wide open and I wrote them with love, nice words I thought but they wasn´t received as I hoped…

      First I regret I wrote them but then, no I don´t because I wrote them in truth with feelings and love from my heart even if the timing and place was bad..I understood afterwards…

      Think I have to close my heart for restoration 🙂

      Wish you a nice day/evening

      • No need to close your heart Elaine. You have stood in your truth and spoke from there. There is never a wrong time to do that. It is when we stifle that truth that we ourselves become unwell and stressed.
        So even though the other party did not receive it well, they HAVE heard your truth and will respect you all the more because of that. They may have a fear or something that blocks them that does not allow them to respond any other way to what you have spoken.
        You have done something from your heart, you have stood in that belief of yourself. You can do no other without hurting yourself. So love yourself and stay open to the beauty of that. All else is fear and builds walls within. Our journey is to be wall free and become that unconditional love that is all around. Namaste

      • I read your words again and again,Mark. When you isn´t in the right mood one sometimes have to read something 2-3 times to fully take it in…You are so right in what you say, I expressed my feelings from my heart, in truth with love and that can never be wrong…
        I will not close my heart, I have so much more love in my heart to give and of course I will be happy to also receive love…when love flow unconditionally it´s the most beautiful to feel and experience…
        Thank´s for your support Mark, I was really deep down for a while;-)

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