Leading Star…

Leading star

When we open our Heart in Love, listen to it, feeling deeply what we really want and want to do in life, in Love,without fears, with dreams then piece after piece begin to fall into the right place and everything feels so right…

I had to look back once and for all, let all kind of feelings pop up again, be in them, feel them and then drop them for the last time. After that something inside me has changed. I think I have learnt my lesson now.
Today I should never accept some things as I did before. I should have act,talked and react in a total different way…Holding it inside myself, trying to be strong was no solution…

I know what I want and what is best for me, My Heart has spoken to me and I´m on my way…It will be reality but can almost feels like a fairytale…

I´ve been naive but I´m not cynical. Still believe in that beautiful True Love can happens and I carry that in My Heart. If I´m not the one and only I will leave very fast and there will be no second chance at all…

I hold the flag high when it comes to Love, Passion, Sex and Closness because when you feel safe together then you can let the walls fall and explore the best of each other…In Heart, Soul and Body…
And in the darkness you can be the leading Stars for each other…for a better world ***



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