ljus o ängel

Halloween has become very much comercial but not for me.
Was invited out for dinner this evening but I will not go.

This weekend I will dedicate to the spirit of my mother and my grandfather. I will visit their graves to put gravelights and flowers there. At home I will let my candle lights burn for them and remember all the good times and love they gave me.

I´m thinking of you, Love you so much and miss you but I´m grateful knowing you visit me sometimes, then I can feel your energy when you are here and I have also got some signs, seen and heard. Thank´s for everything you did for me! You will always be in my Heart as the most wonderful mother and grandfather I could have!

************With Love in My Heart*****************


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2 Responses to Halloween…

  1. A very beautiful sharing Elaine, to express your heart in such a way to show that love to them. Namaste

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