Some thoughts in the night…

Hjärta guld

I begin to think that True Love between man and woman maybe just is an illusion? or does it exist?
Maybe the only Love that is True is the Spiritual and Divine…



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2 Responses to Some thoughts in the night…

  1. It is when you truly love yourself that you are ready to truly love another. A lifelong journey perhaps, but one that slowly gets closer as we gain the wisdom within. namaste

    • I do Love myself… have become more selfish now and at the same time I can feel that my Heart is full of Love! For a while I was lost but I´m back on Earth now:-) The thing is that I often cared about and put others needs before myself but now I am prio 1 and will see to my own needs first..feels like I need to have some fun so I will plan for that and I´m so grateful for all the good things that comes in my way and Step by Step I will reach my goals..
      Wish you a nice weekend

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