I am feeling…

I am feeling very sad this evening but I guess I must try to don´t think to much ´´´´´´´


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3 Responses to I am feeling…

  1. But in going through the sadness you heal it, and let it go. This brings you to happiness to know that you have resolved something within, and in doing that you are in fact loving yourself 🙂 Namaste

    • Thank´s for your support Mark! and you always find the right words for me:-)You are so right.
      I was in the sadness and I thought much, I had an inner work, healed it and let it go. Suddenly I saw some things very clear. As you said I resolved something within. Today I have felt so calm and had happy feelings and really enjoyed a long walk this wonderful, sunny evening. I even begin to feel curios about the future:-)
      Thank´s for you are being you!
      Many hugs and have a nice day/evening

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