What is Love…

To be in Love with someone * What does Love mean to you?
How do you show it? How does the other part show it?
How do you want it to be?
Is a 2-way communication important?
To send a few words sometimes to let the other part know that you think of him/her?
To care and take care of each other the best you can?
To a sunny day walk hand in hand, kisses and hugs?
You want to spent more time together, doing nice things and travel with the one you Love?
If problems come you talk and solve them together and became both stronger after that?
Best friends – knowing that you can rely and trust each other?
And sex with the one you Love is the passion between the bodies but also a divine meeting where the souls became intertwined?

Love can be to bake some special cookies because you know he likes them much?
To send a message with a few words how you feel?
To give a small surprise?

For me Love is much of this but also so much more, might write about that another time…

Have a wonderful day and hope there will be some sunshine in your Heart!


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