The process…

I have already, during a long time, been going through the process, being deepest down in the darkness, crying out almost all the tears that I have. I haven´t talked with anyone about it. I took the decision to live and from now on I will have a positiv view ( which I always used to have)on the future…Of course I know it still can come some flashbacks.


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3 Responses to The process…

  1. When your ready, talking is a healing Elaine. You are giving yourself permission to finally express who you really are within, help you understand why you feel as you do, and release what no longer works for you. That allows you to grow and move forward into what you want to become. But most of all, be gentle on yourself. You have just been through a very big event in your life. It has taken all your life to reach this point, take your time so that you will understand what has been your fears within you, what has always kept you back, so that now you can release them. Do not be angry or sad for these fears, as they are teaching you a great thing on how to be loving towards yourself. They build great strength within, even though you may feel very fragile at the moment. As you understand why you were afraid of something, you begin to release it because it no longer has meaning for you. You have released it, and you may feel quite numb and rudderless with no direction in your life. That is Ok. With time you will find that again. Now be loving to yourself by allowing yourself time to rebuild your strength and even more time to allow you to rebuild your emotional strength as it takes longer to heal. You may feel physically stronger within weeks but our emotions take a battering during this process. Do not put a time frame on it. Focus on some form of meditation, it allows you to heal and brings the mind to a more peaceful place. This gives you a new direction in itself. If you are able, a little exercise each day, especially in the evening, will remove any excess adrenaline from your body if you have been in any stress during the day. (This link may help)

    Just take your time and give yourself permission to heal, and a direction will gradually come into your life as you adjust to the new you. Take care, be at peace in your journey. Mark

  2. Dear Mark!
    Your words are worth very much to me and with them you took me down on Earth 🙂
    I understand I have to take some more steps in Life…

    I have been meditating this evening and it felt good so I will take little time for that every evening. Earlier I used to meditate now and then. It is really good for and connect Heart/Mind/Body/Spirit.
    Thank´s for your wonderful rec link also.

    I want you to know that I really appreciate that you took time to write this comment and that it was important for me. Many, many thank´s from my Heart.

    Hope you will have a wonderful Day/Evening

    • Thank you Elaine. I’m glad that your life has turned a corner and you are now living a more peaceful life 🙂 You also have a great day, may it shine brightly to guide you to a happier, wiser and more loving future. Namaste

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