Writing to myself or to my friend?

When You are in Love and your Heart tells you the other part also is in you, it´s the most beautiful feeling you can have. When problem come you try and try to connect, to find a solution, give him chances, then you realize that you are the only one taking responsibility for the relationship. When you see that the other part deny you,don´t respond to you, you begin to understand that for him it´s only a game, he is playing a game with Love! So the best is to kill all Love feelings for him, forgive and forget him. Look forward and take one step into the future.

For you he was the Love in your life, the one you wanted to be together with and you thought he wanted that too..
But for him you where just one of his women…
You gave him time to make things right, but he didn´t.
For you the Love was pure, right from the heart.
You deserve to be the only one – to be fully loved by a man that can see not only your outer beauty but more the inner one..who you are … because you are True Love *

I´m going on a cruise with my friend and I really wish deepest from my heart she will have a really nice trip with good food, good music, shopping, meeting nice people and hope I will have a nice time, too 🙂


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3 Responses to Writing to myself or to my friend?

  1. Take the time for you Elaine. Nourish that beauty inside that is always there, giving you the strength and the love that you do deserve. But importantly, allow that hurt and pain to come out. Cry, yell and just talk about it with a friend. If you face how it really feels within, and go through that process of understanding, you will find that place of true forgiveness, of them and you. Which eventually shows you your true worth, and allows you to do one of the hardest things in this life, and that is to love yourself, accept you for exactly who you are, and no longer need to be something for everyone else. Just loving you for exactly who you are within and without, one of God’s beautiful creatures on this planet, that is perfection in itself. Enjoy the journey with your friend, and the journey within yourself, both destinations will be full of the love that you seek. Namaste

    • Dear Mark!
      Many thank´s for your wise words, your advices. They got right into my Heart and give me strenght directly! You have such a big Heart my friend and are one of the few I listen to and trust.
      I will keep your words with me,in my Heart : -)
      Lot of Love and Light to you

      PS/ Of course I didn´t do/say everything right either,it is never ones fault when problem in a relation, it´s how two interact or don´t interact with each other…

      • Even though it may seem horrible, all of that journey, as hard as it was, teaches us many things within. And mainly by being able to forgive ourselves (as you said, it takes two to tango 🙂 ), and learn to forgive the other party. In that we are learning to love ourselves and get closer to that understanding of what unconditional love is, when we let all those expectations go, and realise that they had purpose. Enjoy your break, be gentle on yourself as physically we can heal fairly quickly, but the emotional healing takes longer as you adjust to the new you that has now been created. Love and light, Mark

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